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Black Winter - Still Alive... But Soon Dead (Cassette)

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  1. Other articles where Dead of Winter is discussed: Arthur Penn: Films of the s and later work: Dead of Winter (), based on Joseph H. Lewis’s film noir My Name Is Julia Ross and starring Mary Steenburgen as the woman being held prisoner in a spooky mansion, was better. Penn & Teller Get Killed (), a marriage of black humour and.
  2. Not Reely Dead: A Guide to Cassette Tapes. Remember cassettes? If not today, you will soon. The format, maligned by elitists and audiophiles in its own time as a cheaper, second-string alternative to the vinyl record, and by music industry executives as the latest in an endless parade of cancers that will kill music any time now, has been seeing its own renaissance in the past couple of years.
  3. Dead Winter Dead, as a matter of fact, is a concept album which largely deals with the Bosnian War in the period extending from November of to Christmas Eve of the same year. This is the album that spawned not only a radio hit for Savatage, but Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the brainchild of producer Paul O'Neil which has come to great success.
  4. A concept album centered on the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. The official Savatage site has a copy of synopsis from the liner notes for anyone interested in full background. Excerpts from Mozart were used in "Mozart And Madness" (Public Domain). Excerpts from Beethoven were used in "Dead Winter Dead" (Public Domain). This album includes the first publication of the instrumental "Christmas Eve.
  5. Directed by Joseph Bagley. With G-Jo Reed, Timothy Ellers, Jack Weldon, Rian Mason. Sam Tucker was just released from prison. Now, he stalks the Utah desert searching for his next victims-brutally torturing them until his bloodlust is satisfied. But in a strange twist of fate, Tucker finds that he himself is being stalked. What once was a killer's joyride is now a desperate fight for survival.
  6. The Spells of Black Winter (Demo) Vocals: A Dark Echo from the Demoniacal Hell of Lucifer (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards: Still Alive but Soon Dead (Live album) Vocals: Dismal Fields of Nihilism (Demo) Vocals: Dismal Fields of Nihilism / Requiem Aeternam Deo (Split) Vocals: Craving for the Ebon Masquerade (Split.
  7. For singer and frontman of hardcore punk band Black Flag, Henry Rollins, the appeal of a 7-inch, he says, has always and continues to thrive in that it allows a snapshot of a band’s current.
  8. Still Alive and Well proved to the record-buying public that Johnny Winter was both. This is a truly enjoyable album, chock-full of great tunes played well. Johnny's version of the Rolling Stones' "Silver Train" revealed the potential of this song and what the Stones failed to capture. Everything here is good, so get it and dig in.

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